Event Harvard Public Health February 13, 2024

Working on Womanhood: Reducing PTSD among teen girls

Education Lab Senior Research Director Dr. Monica Bhatt joined a discussion moderated by Harvard Public Health with Youth Guidance and a Working on Womanhood (WOW) alum to share about the impact of the program on young girls’ mental health.

Watch the full conversation below, part of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Public Health in Action series. This event is one in a multipart series pairing discussions from The Studio with journalism from Harvard Public Health to examine mental health programs across the U.S. that deliver real results. Learn more about the series here.


  • Monica Bhatt, senior research director, University of Chicago Education Lab
  • Ngozi Harris, WOW director of program and staff development, Youth Guidance
  • Bansari Pandit, WOW program alum
  • Moderator: Jina Moore Ngarambe, managing editor, Harvard Public Health