Trayvon Braxton

Portfolio Director


Personalized Learning

Trayvon Braxton is a Portfolio Director for the Education Lab. In this role, Trayvon supports the Education Lab’s project management staff. Trayvon has also managed several projects in the Education Lab’s personalized learning portfolio, including our previous evaluations of Saga Education’s high-dosage tutoring model and more recently the evaluation of the CPS Tutor Corps program — which is part of the Education Lab’s nationwide Personalized Learning Initiative (PLI), an effort to scale high-quality tutoring in districts across the country.

Prior to coming to the Labs, he worked on evaluations of low-income energy assistance programs as a policy analyst for a non-profit research institute. Trayvon holds a BA in public policy from Princeton University.

Trayvon’s Projects
Personalized Learning Initiative

Personalized Learning Initiative

The Personalized Learning Initiative (PLI) is a moonshot to overcome pandemic learning loss and aims to bring high-dosage tutoring to students nationwide.